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Stb Social6™ at Chelsea Dental Studio

STb Social 6 lingual braces are widely regarded as being amongst the most effective teeth straightening treatments on the market, especially in cases where there are minor or moderate issues. Lingual braces are fitted to the inside of the teeth instead of the front, offering a level of invisibility that other systems can’t match. STb Social 6 braces are an ideal solution for patients who want a straighter smile, but not through the use of highly visible braces.

Who is suitable for STb Social 6 braces?

This lingual system is not suitable for everyone and it is designed for people with minor or moderate teeth issues. In most cases STb Social 6 braces are recommended for clients with gaps between the teeth or crowded front teeth. If you are not an appropriate candidate for STb Social 6 braces, we can recommend an effective alternative.

How does it work?

STb Social 6 works by the application of state of the art, self-ligating technology to manoeuvre the teeth into position.

Benefits of STb Social 6 braces



STb Social 6 braces are virtually invisible to others, for the reason that they are fitted to the inside of the teeth instead of the front.

Fast treatment times:

treatment time with STb Social 6 braces is much shorter than most other orthodontic treatments and it is usually finished within 16 weeks. As the treatment works so fast it can provide the ideal resolution if you are nearing a special event.


STb Social 6 braces make the most of self-ligating technology to avert friction and ensure teeth are moved gently and painlessly.


What is the STb Social 6 system?

STb Social 6 is a lingual brace system which aligns teeth quickly and gently. Created using advanced self-ligating technology, the braces are placed on the rear of the teeth to make sure of utmost discretion.

How do STb Social 6 braces work?

STb Social 6 braces use state of the art self-ligating apparatus to manoeuvre teeth into the desired position.

Are STb Social 6 braces painful?

The braces can take some time to adapt to but they shouldn't be painful. The system uses self-ligating technology that helps to prevent friction and ensures teeth move quickly and gently.

How long does treatment take?

Treatment time is not set in stone but it is usually finished within 16 weeks.

Are STb Social 6 braces appropriate for everyone?

STb Social 6 braces will not be appropriate for everyone since they are designed for those with mild orthodontic problems. If you have a more complex prescription, we can recommend another treatment.

If you want to find out more about STb Social 6 braces, we are happy to discuss this and other treatments with you.

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