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Inman Aligner™

This is a ground-breaking orthodontic appliance which provides a quick and simple alternative to traditional fixed braces. The Inman aligner appliance is made up of two component parts: a spring coil sat on the inside of the teeth and a metal bar running the length of the front teeth. The Inman aligner manoeuvres the teeth efficiently but gently, using forces generated by the two component parts to push and pull teeth into position.

This is an excellent treatment for people who require minor orthodontic adjustment, or those who have had other treatment and want to prevent relapse. The aligner is a removable device and works extremely quickly, with results visible in a matter of weeks.

Uncomplicated treatment: straightening teeth with the Inman aligner requires wearing a removable device for a set period of time every day. There isn't any need for adjustments or metal wires; the treatment works very quickly and there is little pain involved.

Benefits of the Inman aligner
  • Fast: it is one of the speediest orthodontic treatments on the market and you will notice results within weeks; treatment is regularly complete in just 4 months.
  • Flexibility: the aligner can be taken out to eat and drink, clean and brush your teeth.
  • Value: the aligner offers an uncomplicated, fast treatment that is good value for money.

Phases of treatment

Before treatment starts we will invite you to attend a consultation so that we can examine your mouth and teeth. This is to ensure you are a suitable applicant for the treatment.
We will then take photographs and produce impressions of your teeth and explain how the process works. We will also discuss your expectations. The impressions will be used as a template for your custom-made Inman aligner.
Once the Inman aligner has been created treatment can begin. You will be advised how long to wear the device for, though treatment is generally complete within 12-18 weeks.


What is the Inman aligner?

The Inman aligner is a removable orthodontic device that uses forces generated by a coiled spring and a metal bar to move the teeth into position.

How long does Inman aligner treatment take?

Treatment times are much shorter than traditional braces and you can expect to see results in the region of 16 weeks.

Is the Inman aligner painful?

The aligner is intended to move the teeth quickly but gently. It may take a bit of getting used to but you should only experience minimum levels of pain and discomfort.

What about eating and drinking?

You can take the Inman aligner out to eat and drink, so you can stick to your normal diet without worrying about damaging your brace or getting food trapped.

Is the Inman aligner suitable for everyone?

The treatment is intended to correct minor teeth straightening problems. If you have a more complex prescription which requires greater movement, we will advise an alternative treatment.

How does the Inman aligner work?

The Inman aligner works by generating forces to effectively pull and push the teeth into place. This is done by way of a coiled spring and metal bar, which make up the apparatus and move teeth into the correct position.

Am I able to clean my teeth normally?

You are allowed to remove the Inman aligner to perform teeth cleaning.