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Dr Walid Al Torman

Dr Walid Al Torman - Specialist Oral Surgeon
(GDC: 110750)

Dr Torman has over 15 years experience in dental implantation. He used to teach at the oral surgery departement at the University of Munster, Germany.
Dr Torman has performed close to 5,000 dental implants in the last 15 years and carried out over a thousand bone augmentation procedures. He is experienced in both extensive bone augmentation and bone regeneration tratments. He also has significant expreience in full mouth reconstructions.
Dr Torman places and restores implants,carries out bone augmentations and all implant related supportive treatments. He is recognised as a Specialist Oral Surgeon and was listed on the UK Specialist List in 2016.

  • Doctorate - German Third Academic Degree (2011)
  • Specialist of Oral Surgery (2007, Münster, Germany)
  • Doctorate of Dentistry (2007 Münster, Germany).
  • Master of Oral Medicine in Implantology - MOM (2006)
  • Diploma of Dentistry (2001 - University of Münster, Germany)
  • Bachelor of Dentistry (1995-2001 - University of Münster, Germany)