At Chelsea Dental Studio we aim to keep your teeth healthy and strong, but we also understand that the appearance of your teeth is important to you as well. This is why we offer the very best treatments and procedures available today, to enhance, rejuvenate and restore your smile, whatever your dental problem. Featured on cosmetic dentistry guide website

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are the ideal solution to many dental problems and can straighten crooked teeth, restore cracked or chipped teeth and enhance the colour of your smile in just two visits.

Porcelain veneers are thin, shell-like covers, which are attached permanently to the front of your teeth after the tooth has been prepared. Each veneer is custom made to suit the colour, shape and translucency of your smile, for a gorgeous yet natural looking transformation.

MAC Veneers

Only a handful of UK dentists are able to provide MAC Veneers, with Chelsea Dental Studio being one of these proud MAC Veneer practitioners.

MAC Veneers are up to 3 times stronger than regular ceramic veneers, are stain resistant and are incredibly natural in appearance. This combination of great features makes MAC Veneers one of the most sought after veneer treatments and they are the basis of many beautiful Hollywood smiles.

MAC Veneers are made in a single laboratory in Dublin, California and are created with the most detailed care, by a set of skilled dental technicians, whose attention to detail cannot be matched by any other dental laboratory.

MAC Veneers can be used for the correction of gaps, crooked smiles, stained teeth and tooth chips. Although they are more expensive that traditional veneers they last a great deal longer and so could actually be more cost effective in the long run.

Teeth Whitening

A teeth whitening session at Chelsea Dental Studio can have your teeth up to 7 shades brighter in just one visit.

Sit back and relax in one of our comfortable treatment chairs, as we banish the stains and discolouration and rejuvenate tired smiles that just need a little enhancement to make them really shine.

Our whitening procedure is incredibly simple.
First we clean your teeth and apply the whitening gel. We then place you under our specialist whitening light, to encourage the gel to whiten both the outside and inside of your teeth, for a truly glorious smile.

Your smile is now bright, white and stunning, just make sure to keep up your dental hygiene and cut down on the smoking and red wine to help keep your amazing results. This is the perfect treatment for anyone who is happy with the straightness of their smile, but would just like a little boost. It is also a great way to enhance your smile in time for a special occasion such as a birthday or a wedding.

Dental Implants

Tooth loss once meant cumbersome loose dentures or unstable dental bridges, but today dental implants have expanded the options for replacing missing teeth.

A dental implant not only replaces the missing tooth; it also replaces the missing root, making it one of the most strong, stable and permanent choices for restoring your smile.

Dental implants are fitted into the jaw with a dental drill, making a hole in the jaw into which the implant is then settled. Once the implant has fused with the jawbone you will be able to have the abutment and crown or bridge fitted. The healing process usually takes 6-8months, but it is well worth the wait when you have a lifetime of smiles to look forward to.

Dental implants also prevent the deterioration of your jawbone and stop teeth drifting into empty tooth gaps, maintaining the appearance and strength of your smile. They can also be used to replace several or all missing teeth when attached to a bridge or denture.

At Chelsea Dental Studio we only use the very best Straumann dental implants, which have 30 years of experience, research and happy patients behind them. Designed for optimum fusion, Straumann implants have a 95% success rate- the highest of any dental implant.

However, not everyone is suitable for dental implants and if you are still suffering with gum disease or you have a low bone density, you may have to consider a bone graft or other restorative options.

All on 4

For those who aren’t suitable for traditional implant treatment and are looking to replace a full set of teeth, hope can be found in the form of All on 4 implant treatment.

All on 4 uses strategically placed mini implants, fitted at the front and back of the jaw to form a strong stable base for dentures or bridges.

All on 4 is less invasive than traditional implant treatment and you can walk out of the practice with an entire new smile in just one day. All on 4 can restore your ability to eat, speak and smile, with a whole new lease of life ahead of you.

Every denture or bridge attached to your implants are custom made to suit your face and smile and are the perfect answer for those who have suffered entire tooth loss or are looking for extra stability for their denture.