Wrinkle Relaxing Injection is a purified protein. It can be injected into muscles, most commonly in the upper face, causing temporary paralysis of those muscles and resulting in a smoother, less wrinkled and more youthful appearance. Wrinkle Relaxing injections are now administered world-wide and have been shown to be both a safe and effective way of ridding the face of wrinkles.

The most common 3 areas treated are

  • Frown lines (Glabellar) – The lines that appear between the eyebrows during frowning.
  • Crow’s Feet (Peri-Orbital) around the outer part of the eyes.
  • Horizontal Forehead Lines.

This list is not exhaustive. Please contact our clinic if you have another area you wish to be treated.

Recommended for

Relaxing the glabellar or frown lines between the brows, smoothing out crows feet and laughter lines, lifting the jawline, raising the tip of the nose, improving an upturned or dimpled chin, smoothing lines on the décolletage area, reducing excessive sweating.


The appearance of frown lines and other treated areas will be dramatically improved within three to five days of treatment. The skin will appear smoother and unlined whilst untreated facial muscles work as usual to allow the normal facial expression to be unaffected by the treatment.

Recovery time

Some minimal bruising may be experienced following treatment but side effects are rare. Occasionally temporary numbness or a mild headache may be experienced although muscle relaxing injections are used to successfully treat migraine in some patients.

How often

The effects can last four to six months and then repeat injections will be needed to maintain the effects. After several treatments, the effects will begin to last longer and repeat treatments may only be required every six months.