Hygienist therapy is an essential part of the dental health care provided at Chelsea Dental Studio. Our dental hygienist can thoroughly clean your teeth and mouth to enhance your oral health, and also provide you with a tailor-made dental health plan so you can continue to maintain your oral health at home.

Why is dental health so important?

Keeping your teeth in a prime condition can prevent the development of dental health problems, such as gum disease and tooth decay. Stopping these conditions from occurring not only saves the health of your teeth and mouth, but also saves you the extra cost of restorative dentistry that is needed to replace teeth when you lose them due to poor oral health.

A collaborative operation

Working in partnership with your dentist, a dental hygienist can detect and treat the early signs of decay and gum disease and can also spot the warning signals of oral cancer. Using the very best techniques and technology, a dental hygienist can effectively clear your teeth and gums of plaque, tartar and calculus, before they cause any dental health conditions. Recent research has also linked periodontal issues with other serious overall health problems, such as diabetes, heart attacks and strokes – so it could be incredibly important to your health as a whole to visit your dental hygienist regularly.

People with the knowledge

Although you can maintain a certain degree of good oral health at home, due to the skills, experience and specific tools a dental hygienist uses a professional dental clean will always be the most effective way to clear your teeth, gum line and mouth of harmful bacteria and plaque build-up. A dental cleaning can be combined with your six-monthly check-up, to ensure that you are in incredible oral health all year round. A dental hygienist treatment also enhances the natural appearance of your teeth and you will leave the practice with gorgeous, glossy and healthy teeth.