To simply add volume to the lips is a straightforward process but the designer Heart Lip™ is a highly skilled and lengthy procedure which cannot be performed by even the most skilled practitioners unless they have been rigorously trained. Dr. Pamela Benito is one of a select handful of practitioners in the UK that are trained and qualified to perform the exclusive Heart Lip™ procedure. Developed by Dr Bob Khanna, the Heart Lip™ is the creation of beautiful and sensual, heart shaped lips by using precision placed fillers so that the lips are naturally shaped and are beautifully balanced and proportioned with your face. During your consultation at our clinic the treatment will be discussed with you in detail, including all aspects of the Heart Lip™ procedure and likely outcomes. We will recommend the Dermal Filler options to achieve the results you are looking for and will discuss how you can expect to look after the treatment. Procedure
A Dermal Filler such as Restylane® or Emervel® is injected into the lips, to add volume and to shape the lips. The availability of Restylane® with lidocaine means that no local anaesthesia is required apart from topical anaesthetic cream (LMX). After your treatment we will ensure you get natural-looking, heart-shaped lip that lasts up to a year and you will see the difference immediately after one treatment. The Heart Lip™ is not appropriate option for all women and its undertaking will depend on how it would balance with the shape of face and facial features of the individual. In the majority of cases two or more syringes of filler are required to adequately shape and define the lips.