At Chelsea Dental Studio we believe that dental health should be practised before the first tooth is even visible and offer a complete family dentistry service to ensure that you and your family’s oral health is at its very best.

Preventing decay by promoting healthy smiles

We want to help maintain smiles that are all your own for every member of the family and so look to prevent decay and disease rather than cure them. We do so by offering tailored advice to each family member concerning their own personal oral health routine and by providing regular check-ups and deep cleanings.

Bringing baby for dental care

You can bring your baby into the practice from as young as six months. This may sound a little early, but as dental cavities can occur within the gums before your child’s first teeth even erupts it may be a great benefit to their oral health if you visit the practice as early as possible. Taking care of your baby’s health could be as simple as cleaning their gums every morning and night with a small amount of toothpaste and a wet cloth, which could prevent the development of gum disease and tooth decay when their teeth do start to grow.

Teeth straightening for all the family

Straightened smiles not only look healthier but are easier to clean, making them feel healthier. Because of the positives of straight teeth we provide braces for family members of all ages and with our amazing range of fast acting and invisible braces there is an ideal brace for children and adults.

The benefits of regular check-ups

6 monthly check-ups are ideal for maintaining the oral health of all the family and can help detect the development of decay and diseases before they cause any lasting damage. Identifying disease and decay sooner rather than later could mean the difference between mild problems and complete tooth loss, so it is of vital importance that you maintain your regular oral check-ups.

Call the practice today to book a routine check-up for you and the family to ensure the highest standards of dental health.