This is an innovative, performance-enhancing mouth guard that is created for amateur and professional athletes. The mouth guard has been developed according to the findings of years of study, and functions to improve overall sporting performance as well as providing unrivalled levels of protection against injuries.

How is the mouth guard effective?

The Pure Power Mouth Guard is effective by way of promoting optimum jaw joint alignment. This means that when you wear the mouth guard your facial muscles and jaw joint are in perfect alignment, which boosts performance and reduces the risk of injury or strain. The mouth guards are custom-made for the individual, based on measurements and photographs of the mouth. Pure Power uses modern technology to determine the optimum jaw position, which is automatically adopted when you insert the mouth guard.

How is the Pure Power Mouth Guard different?

The Pure Power Mouth Guard stands out from the crowd because it has been designed and developed according to the findings of years of scientific research. The mouth guard is designed to prevent and ease problems associated with TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder), a common condition which causes the facial muscles to become strained. The Pure Power Mouth Guard is intended to reduce pressure on the muscles and facilitate contraction by moving the jaw joint into the optimum position. Unlike many mouth guards the Pure Power Mouth Guard is designed for the individual, so there is no chance of it coming loose, rubbing or causing discomfort.

Phases of treatment

Each Pure Power Mouth Guard is designed and created for the individual. Measurements, impressions and photographs of your teeth will be sent to the Pure Power laboratory in America and the finished product will be returned to us. We will then check the fit to ensure it is snug and comfortable.

What are the advantages?

The Pure Power Mouth Guard is more than just a mouth guard and works to improve sporting performance. There is also the important aspect of the mouth guard being worn to protect the teeth against injury. The Pure Power Mouth Guard is bespoke so there will be no problems with the fit and it should be very comfortable, enabling you to focus on your performance rather than worry about your mouth guard coming loose or rubbing.

The Pure Power Mouth Guard helps to:

  • Improve muscle contraction.
  • Reduce muscle strain and pressure in the region of the jaw joint.
  • Increase flexibility.
  • Reduce back and neck pain and headaches.
  • Increase stamina and endurance.

Who can benefit from this treatment?

The Pure Power Mouth Guard is principally advantageous for elite athletes, but it can also be helpful for amateurs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to find out more about the Pure Power Mouth Guard. It is suitable for most patients but it may not be ideal for individuals who have missing back teeth, widespread decay or those who are undergoing orthodontic treatment and wearing fixed braces.

Does it cost more than traditional mouth guards?

The Pure Power Mouth Guard costs more than normal mouth guards, but the increased price is warranted when you think about the many benefits of the Pure Power product.

Types of Pure Power Mouth Guard

There are different types of mouth guard available and we can advise on which model will best suit your needs and preferences.