Invisalign® Teen is part of the revolutionary Invisalign® ‘invisible’ braces system, which provides younger patients with an amazingly discreet solution for straighter teeth. Unlike other orthodontic treatments Invisalign® uses discreet plastic aligners to move the teeth. The aligners are made to be invisible to others, so nobody will even know you are undergoing braces treatment.

Invisalign® Teen functions in precisely the same manner as Invisalign, but the treatment has been adapted slightly to fit in with the lifestyles of teenage patients. Invisalign® Teen comes with spare aligners in case you lose, break or misplace an aligner, and there is a clever blue dot marker system to remind you when to change the aligner for the next one in the sequence.

Why choose Invisalign® Teen?

Teenagers are notoriously image conscious and Invisalign® Teen helps to remove the stress of having to wear braces and show off ‘train tracks’ when smiling. The Invisalign® Teen aligners are discreet and designed to be comfortable. You have greater flexibility given that they can be removed for special occasions and when you eat, drink, floss and brush your teeth.

Invisalign® Teen aligners are:

  • Virtually invisible to others.
  • Comfortable.
  • Effective.
  • Convenient.
  • Good for oral health.

Treatment typically takes around one year and you can rest assured that there will be no painful appointments to adjust or tighten wires.

Invisalign® is an amazing orthodontic treatment and if you want to find out more or you are interested in having treatment, please contact us to arrange a consultation.