Dr. Hayder Ameer


Hayder Ameer


Dr Ameer practices restorative dentistry and facial aesthetics in Central and West London. Having completed a degree in Biomedical Sciences (2008) and Dentistry (2012), he received post-graduate training at the prestigious UCL Eastman Dental Institute. He focused his Core Dental Training in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Paediatric Dentistry. Dr Ameer qualified as a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in 2014.

Dr Ameer excelled to a Master’s (Level 7) qualification in Aesthetic Medicine & Injectable Therapies for jaw muscles tension at Harley Street. Hayder became a co-director and tutor at the School of Aesthetic Medicine.

As a portrait artist and photographer, Hayder has a particular attention to details and facial proportions, vital qualities in the planning and delivery of his aesthetic treatments.